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No birding trip is complete without visual and audio guides to help birders identify the species they are seeing or hearing. This page gives you access to some of the best online resources to make your experience more enjoyable, as well as a review of binoculars to fit any budget.


eBird, a global bird observation and data collection website, are available on this website. eBird stores more than 100 million bird sightings, which grows every day thanks to new additions by birders around the world. To explore and link to eBird Hotspot webpages, go to each individual birding trail site. Birders are encouraged to record their observations using and the links on each birding trail page. eBird is free and easy to use. Sign up today and join the family of birders not only in St. Clair and Macomb counties, but also other birders around the world.

Phone Apps

Online Resources

  • AllAboutBirds by Cornell – a complete online guide to birds and birdwatching, featuring tutorials, articles, live cams, courses and answers to FAQs. 

  • The Audubon Online Field Guide – the online guide to more than 800 species of birds, including description, conservation status, habitat, migration patterns and other information.


And as far as tools of the trade go, The Audubon Society provides a guide to binoculars for every budget. Or A Guide to Bird-Watching With Binoculars from Heartland America.

Code of Birding Ethics

To learn more about Michigan’s bird,s visit Michigan DNR’s website at , MI Birds at, or find your local Audubon chapter at, the Blue Water Birding TrailBlue Water Audubon Society Facebook page, and the Macomb Audubon Society Facebook page.

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