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40620 Utica Road, Sterling Heights

Birders are advised to walk from the parking lot to the bridge that crosses the Clinton River to access the paved Clinton River Park Trail System. The wide, paved trail runs through wooded and open areas. Several dirt trails branch off from the main trail. There are a variety of resident waterfowl, woodpeckers and other woodland species. The trail is good for warbler and other songbird migration in spring. Continuing northwest on the trail will take users to Farmstead Park, Donovan Park and the Sterling Heights Nature Center.

Dodge Park: Text
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From March through December, the Cove supports Belted Kingfishers and Great Blue Herons. During migration, the shoreline is a regular stopover site for Spotted Sandpipers, migrating ducks and occasionally Least Bittern. During the winter, it's a great place to look for Bald Eagles and winter finches. In spring and fall, the trees are often filled with warblers and thrushes. Rare species include Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Glaucous Gulls, Connecticut Warblers, Louisiana Waterthrushes, and Pileated Woodpeckers.

Dodge Park: Activities


Below is a list of amenities available at this property.

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Year-round viewing is available

Birding Trail map icons-PARKING.png


Paved parking is available

Birding Trail map - RESTROOMS.png


Restrooms are available on this property

Birding Trail map icons-PAVED TRAIL.png


The park has paved trails

Birding Trail map icons-PICNICS.png


Picnic tables and shelters are available

Birding Trail map icons-BOAT LAUNCH.png


There is canoe and kayak access, but no boat launch

Birding Trail map icons-FEE.png


No fee

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